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Surgery Wait Times for "Adult - Coronary Artery Bypass Graft"

Definition: Coronary Artery Bypass Graft - Surgery to improve blood flow to the heart

Health Authorities
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft1581.0 weeks14.1 weeks
Fraser Health
Royal Columbian Hospital580.8 weeks20.4 weeks
Dionne, Pierre Olivier50.9 weeks33.0 weeks
Gunning, Derek John Robert50.4 weeks1.1 weeks
Karim, Shahzad Saleem110.4 weeks24.9 weeks
Latham, Timothy Boyd120.4 weeks13.0 weeks
Shayan, Hossein151.3 weeks33.1 weeks
Wong, Daniel Robin101.0 weeks20.4 weeks
Interior Health
Kelowna General Hospital50.6 weeks4.9 weeks
Fradet, GuyLess than 50.6 weeks7.4 weeks
Poostizadeh, AhmadLess than 50.6 weeks4.3 weeks
Schulze, Costas JohannesLess than 50.6 weeks7.9 weeks
Wan, Calvin Ka NungLess than 50.4 weeks2.9 weeks
Vancouver Coastal Health
St. Paul's Hospital461.0 weeks8.0 weeks
Abel, James Gordon121.9 weeks6.1 weeks
Bashir, Jamil Gregory57.9 weeks16.1 weeks
Bui, Paul81.0 weeks5.0 weeks
Cheung, Anson W.Less than 50.6 weeks8.3 weeks
Lichtenstein, Kevin Mark101.1 weeks6.0 weeks
Ye, Jian81.5 weeks9.0 weeks
Vancouver General Hospital385.8 weeks22.9 weeks
Cook, Richard Chung-sop150.7 weeks27.6 weeks
Janusz, Michael TedLess than 50.6 weeks12.0 weeks
Kim, Jong Moo Steve86.0 weeks17.7 weeks
Ngu, JanetLess than 520.7 weeks23.9 weeks
Price, JoelLess than 55.8 weeks22.9 weeks
Skarsgard, Peter Lloyd84.9 weeks26.9 weeks
Vancouver Island Health
Royal Jubilee Hospital111.7 weeks10.0 weeks
Fedoruk, Lynn MarieLess than 51.5 weeks8.6 weeks
Kumar, KanwalLess than 56.0 weeks12.1 weeks
Perchinsky, Michael JohnLess than 51.6 weeks4.7 weeks
Singal, Rohit KumarLess than 51.1 weeks11.3 weeks

The data presented on the Surgery Wait Times website is a snapshot of a 3-month time period. The Wait for Surgery represents a component of the total waiting time for surgery, from the date the health authority receives the booking form to the date that the patient receives surgery.

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