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Surgery Wait Times for "Adult - Uterine Surgery"

Definition: Uterine Surgery - Surgery of the uterus including uterine suspension, removal of part of the uterine lining (D&C), complete removal of the uterus, removal of the cervix, fibroids, or polyps.

Health Authorities
Uterine Surgery4,2596.1 weeks31.7 weeks
Fraser Health1,2378.4 weeks37.0 weeks
Abbotsford Regional Hospital And Cancer Centre28217.4 weeks63.4 weeks
Kenyon, Jennifer Anne4325.2 weeks33.3 weeks
Kim, Jason Yong-Joon2011.9 weeks26.0 weeks
Mckercher, Adrienne Elizabeth189.1 weeks9.5 weeks
Poon, Jason Sai Yen12760.7 weeks69.6 weeks
Shone, Neal Anthony5523.0 weeks54.2 weeks
Tuffnell, Clayton Earl Elton1914.7 weeks22.7 weeks
Burnaby Hospital565.6 weeks23.8 weeks
Chan, Michelle CeyunLess than 5N/AN/A
Dunn, Evelyn1320.7 weeks30.3 weeks
Han, Vanessa919.1 weeks26.5 weeks
Lalani, Salim54.3 weeks16.7 weeks
Muir, Jennifer C.72.6 weeks6.5 weeks
Roy, Robert P.A.6N/AN/A
Smith, Cornel1312.6 weeks18.7 weeks
Tsai, Brian Ping-HungLess than 5N/AN/A
Wood, Julie AnneLess than 5N/AN/A
Chilliwack General Hospital1439.4 weeks37.5 weeks
Deacon, Sean De Swardt5623.9 weeks40.4 weeks
Dhillon, Gurdial Singh84.4 weeks8.0 weeks
Robertson, John Gordon Murray95.1 weeks9.6 weeks
Smith, Jan De Waal7035.1 weeks38.5 weeks
Delta Hospital195.9 weeks15.9 weeks
Arkuran, CigdemLess than 5N/AN/A
Jackson, Roy Paul114.4 weeks14.9 weeks
Moodliar, SanthoshanLess than 5N/AN/A
Eagle Ridge Hospital9410.9 weeks24.1 weeks
Beauchamp, Aude64.4 weeks15.7 weeks
Binding, Carmen Elizabeth63.0 weeks17.9 weeks
Houlihan, Sara Joana59.4 weeks17.9 weeks
Masotti, MaryLess than 5N/AN/A
Nakatsuka, Nao1210.7 weeks15.9 weeks
Simula, Natasha Keppe127.9 weeks16.3 weeks
Suen, Michael Wing Hei2820.5 weeks28.2 weeks
Ubhi, Jagdeep SinghLess than 5N/AN/A
Waterman, Douglas Henry1214.3 weeks22.2 weeks
Wesa, Mina9N/AN/A
Langley Memorial Hospital725.0 weeks15.6 weeks
Chan, Michelle CeyunLess than 5N/AN/A
Chhoa, EricaLess than 5N/AN/A
Das, Siddhartha54.6 weeks10.3 weeks
Hawkins, Deborah Penelope134.0 weeks13.9 weeks
Love, Karis99.3 weeks22.0 weeks
Mah, Elaine64.9 weeks12.3 weeks
Ng, Christopher Wai-Hon113.9 weeks8.4 weeks
Phelps, Erica Lynn82.1 weeks5.1 weeks
Suvajdzic, Kimberly148.4 weeks10.0 weeks
Pattison Outpatient Centre3026.0 weeks36.5 weeks
Bakhet, Maged Mosad SokarLess than 5N/AN/A
Calderon, Pamela MarinaLess than 5N/AN/A
Lazare, Darren Mitchell1231.0 weeks38.3 weeks
Mui, JustinLess than 5N/AN/A
Nicolau-Toulouse, VanessaLess than 5N/AN/A
Park, Grace C.Less than 5N/AN/A
Rozenek, ArielaLess than 5N/AN/A
Storness-Bliss, Claudine6N/AN/A
Yarlagadda, Hima BinduLess than 5N/AN/A
Peace Arch Hospital876.9 weeks64.1 weeks
Fung, Sarah Wing-Han289.7 weeks27.4 weeks
Jackson, Roy Paul965.1 weeks85.4 weeks
Moodliar, Santhoshan327.2 weeks16.2 weeks
Wilson, Cheryl Anne183.6 weeks18.8 weeks
Ridge Meadows Hospital286.1 weeks17.3 weeks
Lampen, Ockert1211.3 weeks23.5 weeks
Mentz, Ricardo Augustino95.0 weeks8.1 weeks
Storness-Bliss, ClaudineLess than 5N/AN/A
Vilayil, Ruth Ann76.1 weeks11.6 weeks
Royal Columbian Hospital651.9 weeks5.5 weeks
Beauchamp, AudeLess than 5N/AN/A
Binding, Carmen ElizabethLess than 5N/AN/A
Houlihan, Sara Joana70.7 weeks0.7 weeks
Masotti, MaryLess than 5N/AN/A
Nakatsuka, Nao8N/AN/A
Nowik, Christina M9N/AN/A
Simula, Natasha Keppe122.0 weeks4.5 weeks
Suen, Michael Wing Hei8N/AN/A
Ubhi, Jagdeep Singh92.6 weeks2.6 weeks
Waterman, Douglas Henry61.1 weeks1.1 weeks
Wesa, MinaLess than 5N/AN/A
Surrey Memorial Hospital36113.9 weeks44.6 weeks
Armstrong, Heather BeverleyLess than 5N/AN/A
Bakhet, Maged Mosad Sokar9116.0 weeks51.0 weeks
Binding, Carmen ElizabethLess than 5N/AN/A
Bleszynski, Maria Ewa222.6 weeks2.6 weeks
Calderon, Pamela Marina69.9 weeks10.0 weeks
Chan, Michelle CeyunLess than 5N/AN/A
Coll, Oisin PatrickLess than 5N/AN/A
Gong, Merry Yuan3225.7 weeks37.5 weeks
Johnson, Stephanie11N/AN/A
Lazare, Darren Mitchell916.0 weeks29.3 weeks
Lepik, Christa Elaine217.1 weeks10.5 weeks
Louie, Kimberley Elizabeth166.3 weeks24.5 weeks
Mui, Justin4328.0 weeks41.9 weeks
Nicolau-Toulouse, Vanessa1710.6 weeks14.6 weeks
Park, Grace C.1539.0 weeks44.7 weeks
Rozenek, Ariela1121.7 weeks21.7 weeks
Shan, Angel Pei Yi63.2 weeks11.0 weeks
Storness-Bliss, Claudine269.1 weeks47.2 weeks
Sutton, Christine Mary306.6 weeks8.8 weeks
Yarlagadda, Hima BinduLess than 5N/AN/A
Interior Health5917.3 weeks25.0 weeks
Cariboo Memorial Hospital256.1 weeks10.2 weeks
Adam, Safiya Hana74.9 weeks8.6 weeks
Gill, Glenn H.Less than 5N/AN/A
Raffard, Skye166.3 weeks10.0 weeks
Creston Valley HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Le Roux, KrieglerLess than 5N/AN/A
East Kootenay Regional Hospital347.3 weeks21.8 weeks
Hartman, Dennis LorneLess than 5N/AN/A
Hugo, Daniel237.3 weeks14.1 weeks
Huyser, Charles AlfredLess than 5N/AN/A
Rode, Paul B.116.3 weeks21.4 weeks
Sanaee, May SaraLess than 5N/AN/A
Elk Valley HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Allan, Kimberley ElizabethLess than 5N/AN/A
Case, Deena RichelleLess than 5N/AN/A
Golden And District General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Akyurekli, Celine KatrinaLess than 5N/AN/A
Trafananko, Christy DanielleLess than 5N/AN/A
Kelowna General Hospital1245.4 weeks20.3 weeks
Baxter, Joanna Marie1710.2 weeks14.5 weeks
Brace, Chantalle Julie55.4 weeks9.0 weeks
Burridge, Amber112.7 weeks8.4 weeks
Catt, Elisabeth Joanna1913.1 weeks22.8 weeks
Collins, Tanya Bonnie Kate83.0 weeks16.2 weeks
Espino, Ma Paula Michelle115.3 weeks7.9 weeks
La Berge, Shelley-Ann T.112.1 weeks15.9 weeks
Locke, Jennifer AnnLess than 5N/AN/A
Mcgregor, Sumathi2016.3 weeks20.4 weeks
Meathrel, Karen Ann2013.4 weeks14.6 weeks
Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital2110.9 weeks15.3 weeks
Dobson, Anne Elizabeth7N/AN/A
Ferguson, Ian Alexander James57.5 weeks13.8 weeks
Hale, Kathryn B.Less than 5N/AN/A
Mourant, Lindsay Michelle5N/AN/A
Kootenay Lake Hospital85.2 weeks13.2 weeks
Alger, SherylLess than 5N/AN/A
Gottlieb, HeatherLess than 5N/AN/A
Moola, ShirazLess than 5N/AN/A
Penticton Regional Hospital559.4 weeks19.1 weeks
Dela Cruz, Armellie710.6 weeks16.3 weeks
Fridhandler, Naomi Jennifer6N/AN/A
Goncalves, Jose L.178.3 weeks20.5 weeks
Renaud, Kevin Andrew137.5 weeks12.6 weeks
Ryckman, Julie129.6 weeks11.4 weeks
Queen Victoria HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Batchelor, Bret EverettLess than 5N/AN/A
Half, Nicholas PeterLess than 5N/AN/A
Molder, Cameron J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Vogt, Victoria LeeLess than 5N/AN/A
Royal Inland Hospital21513.9 weeks50.6 weeks
Adams, Erin Roseanne Mary216.6 weeks15.1 weeks
Baikie, Hilary Anne-Marie3018.9 weeks58.1 weeks
Hsiao, Li-Hsuan2413.0 weeks25.5 weeks
Kozic, Jennifer Roberta2639.4 weeks43.2 weeks
Lott, Paula Michelle21N/AN/A
Treissman, Mark James Benjamin3615.6 weeks45.1 weeks
Wroz, Thom Wroblewicz5743.0 weeks63.1 weeks
Shuswap Lake General Hospital113.7 weeks12.4 weeks
Hiscock, Stephen M.Less than 5N/AN/A
Hsiao, Li-HsuanLess than 5N/AN/A
Plessis, Angela DarleneLess than 5N/AN/A
Upton, Kenneth J.83.7 weeks12.4 weeks
Vernon Jubilee Hospital938.0 weeks16.9 weeks
Foisy, Raelene Melissa77.4 weeks8.7 weeks
Fossen, Noha224.1 weeks14.6 weeks
Golosinski, Agata A.76.4 weeks11.6 weeks
Half, Nicholas Peter163.0 weeks10.7 weeks
Hulliger, Sara Franziska2122.9 weeks27.5 weeks
Mccomb, Erin Nicole178.7 weeks14.7 weeks
Procyshen, Jennifer RaeLess than 5N/AN/A
Northern Health3465.9 weeks43.6 weeks
Bulkley Valley District Hospital94.2 weeks13.8 weeks
Haskins, Marlowe P.Less than 5N/AN/A
Janse Van Rensburg, Dawid Andreas69.5 weeks19.4 weeks
Scholtz, Martin MariusLess than 5N/AN/A
Smith, Sheila ClaireLess than 5N/AN/A
Dawson Creek And District Hospital182.4 weeks3.2 weeks
Du Plessis, MagdaLess than 5N/AN/A
Dubois, Brian J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Eriki, Simon PeterLess than 5N/AN/A
Hartman, Dennis LorneLess than 5N/AN/A
Sharma, Sandeep122.4 weeks3.2 weeks
Fort St John General Hospital414.0 weeks19.1 weeks
Adegbenro, Adewale404.0 weeks19.1 weeks
Galbraith, Lauren EvelynLess than 5N/AN/A
Hamill, Glen AlexanderLess than 5N/AN/A
G.R. Baker Memorial Hospital375.0 weeks25.6 weeks
Boakye, Stephen Yaw375.0 weeks25.6 weeks
Mcdonald, Johannes Van WykLess than 5N/AN/A
Kitimat General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Huang, Li M.Less than 5N/AN/A
Mills Memorial Hospital226.8 weeks18.8 weeks
Benoit, Lindsay JudithLess than 5N/AN/A
Janse Van Rensburg, Dawid Andreas95.2 weeks18.7 weeks
Prollius, Almereau97.1 weeks17.4 weeks
Strydom, JacobusLess than 5N/AN/A
Prince Rupert Regional Hospital6N/AN/A
Coetzee, GillaumeLess than 5N/AN/A
Odulio, Maria J.Less than 5N/AN/A
St. John HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
De Vos, Peter WilliamLess than 5N/AN/A
Klopper, Lukas CorneliusLess than 5N/AN/A
Whittaker, David EricLess than 5N/AN/A
The University Hospital Of Northern British Columbia21133.0 weeks62.1 weeks
Benoit, Lindsay Judith1916.3 weeks36.6 weeks
Johnson, Robin Lisa4639.4 weeks108.1 weeks
Kennedy, Aaron Paul4145.3 weeks57.3 weeks
Mitchell, Sheona1743.9 weeks53.4 weeks
Odulio, Maria J.5022.1 weeks57.8 weeks
Pascas, Natasha Anna83.0 weeks3.0 weeks
Thwaites, Megan Elizabeth3021.5 weeks48.7 weeks
Provincial Health Services Authority4856.0 weeks20.0 weeks
B.C. Women's Hospital4856.0 weeks20.0 weeks
Allaire, Catherine198.7 weeks10.7 weeks
Bedaiwy, Mohamed Ali2711.0 weeks34.6 weeks
Belanger, Michelle A.134.6 weeks9.6 weeks
Bloomenthal, Dena19N/AN/A
Branco, NadiaLess than 5N/AN/A
Brunner, Monica97.0 weeks10.3 weeks
Christoffersen-Deb, Astrid14N/AN/A
Coad, Sarah LiknessLess than 5N/AN/A
Dehaeck, Ulrike165.2 weeks12.8 weeks
Dineley, Brigid Rose148.3 weeks12.5 weeks
Elwood, Chelsea Nicole217.4 weeks12.6 weeks
Ezzat, Hanna193.9 weeks4.0 weeks
Fisher, Stephanie85.4 weeks5.8 weeks
Fitzsimmons, Brian Paul178.4 weeks16.5 weeks
Giesbrecht, Ellen MicheleLess than 5N/AN/A
Gogela-Spehar, MarketaLess than 5N/AN/A
Gustafson, Kerstin Dawn75.6 weeks7.6 weeks
Havelock, Jon Christopher815.0 weeks58.0 weeks
Kelly, JulianneLess than 5N/AN/A
Kim, Susan127.1 weeks12.9 weeks
Lalji, Sayrin SayeedaliLess than 5N/AN/A
Lee, Caroline ElizabethLess than 5N/AN/A
Lyons, Janet Elizabeth212.1 weeks6.1 weeks
Masotti, Mary89.9 weeks18.4 weeks
Massey, Andrea73.7 weeks5.2 weeks
Mayer, ChantalLess than 5N/AN/A
Mehra, Neeraj189.6 weeks19.3 weeks
Millar, Debra Muriel122.9 weeks5.3 weeks
Mitenko, Nancy Lynn715.1 weeks18.2 weeks
Mohtashami, Fariba117.4 weeks19.3 weeks
Mui, JustinLess than 5N/AN/A
Muir, Jennifer C.Less than 5N/AN/A
Musci, AshleyLess than 5N/AN/A
Porteous, Lindsay144.1 weeks4.9 weeks
Rhone, Stephanie Austin1726.9 weeks27.7 weeks
Rosengarten, Mark I.234.9 weeks10.9 weeks
Rougerie, MichelleLess than 5N/AN/A
Sachedina, Aalia126.0 weeks17.5 weeks
Shan, Angel Pei YiLess than 5N/AN/A
Simula, Natasha Keppe87.4 weeks11.8 weeks
Steele, Dale RobertLess than 5N/AN/A
Todd, Nicole1412.7 weeks41.4 weeks
Van Schalkwyk, Julianne Elizabeth1515.1 weeks25.2 weeks
Verma, Pretty J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Williams, Christina1115.0 weeks33.4 weeks
With, Sheila Irene54.9 weeks7.9 weeks
Yam, Jennifer158.0 weeks21.9 weeks
Yong, Paul JohnLess than 5N/AN/A
Yue, Jenise Ji Wen228.4 weeks12.1 weeks
Vancouver Coastal Health9015.3 weeks36.1 weeks
Lions Gate Hospital1894.4 weeks31.9 weeks
Donnelly, Carolyn Patrica184.9 weeks21.7 weeks
Goojha, Ciaran Akash226.3 weeks17.9 weeks
Kaye, Stephen Howard2933.3 weeks48.9 weeks
Lipp, Michele Marie313.1 weeks34.6 weeks
Prior, Alexandra KalishLess than 5N/AN/A
Ravn, Sarah Elizabeth Dons222.6 weeks8.7 weeks
Sadeghi Tahrani, Susan226.4 weeks24.7 weeks
Schouls, Jacquelynn Jeanette336.9 weeks35.4 weeks
Smith, Catherine Claire122.4 weeks4.7 weeks
Verma, Pretty J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Powell River General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Nwaeze, Ndidi FelixLess than 5N/AN/A
Richmond Hospital1375.9 weeks15.3 weeks
Arkuran, Cigdem307.2 weeks14.4 weeks
Armstrong, Heather BeverleyLess than 5N/AN/A
Chan, Michelle CeyunLess than 5N/AN/A
Heslip, Laura Anne Marie152.3 weeks3.6 weeks
Kowalczyk, Jill2610.4 weeks19.1 weeks
Monahan, Sarah Kathleen1210.4 weeks17.3 weeks
O'Connell, Jacqueline Martine149.4 weeks15.7 weeks
Rivera, Loida Rebeca (Rebeca)104.9 weeks8.1 weeks
Robson, Helen Jane214.1 weeks27.0 weeks
Siervo Sassi, Rosaria RitaLess than 5N/AN/A
Wilson, Donald George77.8 weeks10.6 weeks
Sechelt HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Black, DouglasLess than 5N/AN/A
Jony, LouaiLess than 5N/AN/A
Squamish General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Hema, Karumpuzha RamakrishnanLess than 5N/AN/A
Wagner, Brenda L.Less than 5N/AN/A
St. Paul's Hospital25810.1 weeks54.0 weeks
Anderson, Robert Blair1325.4 weeks55.1 weeks
Armstrong, Heather BeverleyLess than 5N/AN/A
Cundiff, Geoffrey William95.4 weeks16.4 weeks
Elwood, Chelsea NicoleLess than 5N/AN/A
Fisher, Stephanie96.7 weeks17.7 weeks
Geoffrion, Roxana3955.0 weeks71.0 weeks
Gogela-Spehar, Marketa2612.5 weeks29.5 weeks
Joa, Elisabet A.E.1848.1 weeks127.8 weeks
Kelly, JulianneLess than 5N/AN/A
Kim, Susan1628.5 weeks36.1 weeks
Massey, Andrea12N/AN/A
Mitenko, Nancy Lynn157.3 weeks65.8 weeks
Mohtashami, Fariba3532.0 weeks43.4 weeks
Musci, AshleyLess than 5N/AN/A
Oakes, JenniferLess than 5N/AN/A
Rhone, Stephanie AustinLess than 5N/AN/A
Rosengarten, Mark I.7N/AN/A
Rychel, Valerie CarolLess than 5N/AN/A
Steele, Dale RobertLess than 5N/AN/A
Tsai, Brian Ping-HungLess than 5N/AN/A
Westerberg, Brian DavidLess than 5N/AN/A
Wilkie, David H.L.Less than 5N/AN/A
Yam, Jennifer810.9 weeks16.4 weeks
Yue, Jenise Ji Wen316.0 weeks35.3 weeks
UBC Health Sciences Centre2167.9 weeks41.6 weeks
Allaire, Catherine610.9 weeks28.4 weeks
Bedaiwy, Mohamed Ali2828.7 weeks46.3 weeks
Belanger, Michelle A.822.1 weeks29.8 weeks
Branco, NadiaLess than 5N/AN/A
Brunner, MonicaLess than 5N/AN/A
Carey, Mark S.Less than 5N/AN/A
Davis, Noelle LeeLess than 5N/AN/A
Dehaeck, Ulrike75.0 weeks25.5 weeks
Dineley, Brigid RoseLess than 5N/AN/A
Ezzat, Hanna7N/AN/A
Finlayson, Sarah JaneLess than 5N/AN/A
Fitzsimmons, Brian Paul1228.9 weeks38.6 weeks
Jamieson, Amy RebeccaLess than 5N/AN/A
Kwon, Janice SmithLess than 5N/AN/A
Lee, Caroline Elizabeth713.1 weeks36.0 weeks
Lee, MaretteLess than 5N/AN/A
Lyons, Janet Elizabeth161.7 weeks15.7 weeks
Mcalpine, Jessica NellLess than 5N/AN/A
Mcginnis, Justin Miles53.0 weeks5.4 weeks
Mehra, Neeraj4438.8 weeks44.9 weeks
Millar, Debra Muriel633.0 weeks70.1 weeks
Proctor, Lily AnnahitaLess than 5N/AN/A
Sachedina, Aalia531.8 weeks32.6 weeks
Stuart, Gavin Charles EdwardLess than 5N/AN/A
Todd, Nicole16N/AN/A
Verma, Pretty J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Williams, Christina1531.7 weeks38.1 weeks
With, Sheila Irene1162.8 weeks74.2 weeks
Yong, Paul JohnLess than 5N/AN/A
Vancouver General Hospital943.9 weeks6.7 weeks
Allaire, CatherineLess than 5N/AN/A
Bedaiwy, Mohamed AliLess than 5N/AN/A
Brar, Harinder Singh223.9 weeks6.8 weeks
Carey, Mark S.Less than 5N/AN/A
Evans, David CharlesLess than 5N/AN/A
Finlayson, Sarah Jane113.4 weeks3.6 weeks
Jamieson, Amy Rebecca94.1 weeks5.4 weeks
Kavanagh, AlexanderLess than 5N/AN/A
Kwon, Janice SmithLess than 5N/AN/A
Lee, Marette63.8 weeks5.9 weeks
Mcalpine, Jessica NellLess than 5N/AN/A
Mcginnis, Justin Miles163.1 weeks5.5 weeks
Mehra, NeerajLess than 5N/AN/A
Proctor, Lily Annahita82.8 weeks4.1 weeks
Stuart, Gavin Charles EdwardLess than 5N/AN/A
Williams, Christina5N/AN/A
With, Sheila IreneLess than 5N/AN/A
Yong, Paul JohnLess than 5N/AN/A
Vancouver Island Health6995.7 weeks25.0 weeks
Campbell River And District General Hospital392.9 weeks17.5 weeks
Adelasoye, Oluremi138.9 weeks22.2 weeks
Johnson, Geoffrey Earl172.7 weeks4.2 weeks
O'Neill, Megan Kathleen93.0 weeks6.0 weeks
Comox Valley Hospital866.0 weeks16.0 weeks
Bagdan, Barry M.206.1 weeks16.0 weeks
Bascom, Alexandra EllenLess than 5N/AN/A
Kennedy, Aaron Paul253.9 weeks4.3 weeks
Rodgers, Tracy Lori1212.4 weeks16.0 weeks
Van Tongeren, Chad Allan265.1 weeks13.8 weeks
Cowichan District Hospital596.0 weeks28.1 weeks
Bagdan, Barry M.Less than 5N/AN/A
Beaudet, Luc264.6 weeks12.9 weeks
Geist, Alana Marie206.0 weeks13.0 weeks
Liston, Fiona Anne1312.7 weeks36.0 weeks
Lundeen, Colin JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Greater Victoria Hospitals3419.6 weeks34.8 weeks
Bacsu, ChastaLess than 5N/AN/A
Bos, Hayley BronwenLess than 5N/AN/A
Cohen, Trevor115.6 weeks9.0 weeks
Cooper, John K.2212.0 weeks26.1 weeks
Dennie, Joelle Marie264.9 weeks22.3 weeks
Hancock, Sherri R.106.1 weeks40.9 weeks
Hodgson, Sarah Ellen3412.9 weeks27.1 weeks
Hunt, Harold G.4925.4 weeks39.6 weeks
Macdonald, William Kim623.8 weeks27.1 weeks
Mazgani, Mona104.7 weeks11.0 weeks
Mills, Kelsey3510.6 weeks31.1 weeks
Sandwith, Emily Samantha Kate2722.8 weeks36.1 weeks
Teng, Flora Fang-Hwa2912.0 weeks20.6 weeks
Whitehill, Kellie Joanne2315.3 weeks37.7 weeks
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital1663.9 weeks21.4 weeks
Arbelaez Correa, Luz Jalime294.9 weeks27.4 weeks
Eng, Evelyn Marion339.1 weeks26.9 weeks
Kyle, Kirsti172.1 weeks13.2 weeks
Lajoie, Jennifer Marie162.4 weeks11.3 weeks
Oluyede, Gbenga Olutomi104.6 weeks6.3 weeks
Renner, Regina Maria152.9 weeks6.8 weeks
Somerville, Jeffrey Acres463.3 weeks23.3 weeks
West Coast General Hospital84.9 weeks11.7 weeks
Fouad, Magdy84.9 weeks11.7 weeks

The data presented on the Surgery Wait Times website is a snapshot of a 3-month time period. The Wait for Surgery represents a component of the total waiting time for surgery, from the date the health authority receives the booking form to the date that the patient receives surgery.

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