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Surgery Wait Times for "Adult - Prostate Surgery"

Definition: Prostate Surgery - Removal of part or all of the prostate gland, including small tissue samples for laboratory testing.

Health Authorities
Prostate Surgery1,7285.9 weeks27.1 weeks
Fraser Health3834.7 weeks22.9 weeks
Abbotsford Regional Hospital And Cancer Centre8418.9 weeks33.8 weeks
Hon, Nicola Hing Yin59.8 weeks26.0 weeks
Mamut, Adiel147.1 weeks17.5 weeks
Neville, Christopher StephenLess than 5N/AN/A
Vrabec, George Jr.6125.6 weeks36.8 weeks
Burnaby Hospital1054.9 weeks13.1 weeks
Truong, Vu Ngoc84.7 weeks9.0 weeks
Warner, John Arthur876.3 weeks53.6 weeks
Wong, NathanLess than 5N/AN/A
Wu, Christopher H.84.6 weeks8.1 weeks
Yang, Brian P.T.Less than 5N/AN/A
Chilliwack General Hospital3612.7 weeks28.9 weeks
Goodman, Saul Hart1616.4 weeks30.1 weeks
Melnyk, Megan2011.9 weeks25.2 weeks
Delta HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Poon, Kenneth S.Less than 5N/AN/A
Eagle Ridge Hospital214.0 weeks8.9 weeks
Wong, NathanLess than 5N/AN/A
Wu, Christopher H.Less than 5N/AN/A
Yang, Brian P.T.134.9 weeks9.1 weeks
Yanko, Daniel E.Less than 5N/AN/A
Langley Memorial Hospital213.1 weeks6.2 weeks
Archambault, Jason Patrick152.9 weeks4.3 weeks
Cripps, Stephanie M.Less than 5N/AN/A
Mamut, AdielLess than 5N/AN/A
Perks, Alexandra EspinolaLess than 5N/AN/A
Pattison Outpatient Centre73.0 weeks6.9 weeks
Andreou, CharalambosLess than 5N/AN/A
Nazif, OmarLess than 5N/AN/A
Samarasekera, DineshLess than 5N/AN/A
Peace Arch Hospital327.5 weeks15.9 weeks
Hoyda, Ted Donald102.1 weeks8.4 weeks
Kwan, Herman Christopher1812.1 weeks18.9 weeks
Skepasts, Peter K.Less than 5N/AN/A
Ridge Meadows Hospital93.3 weeks9.1 weeks
Bay, Benjamin NoelLess than 5N/AN/A
Bidnur, SamirLess than 5N/AN/A
Wright, Ian53.3 weeks8.9 weeks
Royal Columbian Hospital153.9 weeks9.4 weeks
Warner, John ArthurLess than 5N/AN/A
Wu, Christopher H.Less than 5N/AN/A
Yang, Brian P.T.72.4 weeks6.2 weeks
Yanko, Daniel E.Less than 5N/AN/A
Surrey Memorial Hospital534.1 weeks11.4 weeks
Andreou, Charalambos384.6 weeks7.5 weeks
Bay, Benjamin NoelLess than 5N/AN/A
Mohamedali, ZeidLess than 5N/AN/A
Nazif, Omar109.7 weeks17.2 weeks
Paulus, Edmund MarcelLess than 5N/AN/A
Samarasekera, DineshLess than 5N/AN/A
Interior Health4338.4 weeks31.4 weeks
Cariboo Memorial HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Forbes, Ellen ColleenLess than 5N/AN/A
East Kootenay Regional HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Schieman, Steven MichaelLess than 5N/AN/A
Kelowna General Hospital1018.4 weeks26.9 weeks
Kinahan, Thomas J.206.0 weeks11.0 weeks
Locke, Jennifer Ann2512.8 weeks28.9 weeks
Prestage, Keith T.164.4 weeks26.4 weeks
Wiesenthal, Joshua Daniel4016.6 weeks27.4 weeks
Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital219.0 weeks18.1 weeks
Brotherhood, Hilary LaurelLess than 5N/AN/A
Robinson, Michael Eric188.3 weeks18.0 weeks
Penticton Regional Hospital384.9 weeks18.0 weeks
Roy, Joey Simon94.0 weeks5.5 weeks
Teo, Winston Limin295.2 weeks18.0 weeks
Royal Inland Hospital2079.4 weeks80.2 weeks
Faddegon, Stephen Peter615.3 weeks18.8 weeks
Goucher, GeorgeLess than 5N/AN/A
Jonat, Lee Michael539.1 weeks53.4 weeks
Ottem, Derek Peter9313.3 weeks80.0 weeks
Vernon Jubilee Hospital6410.1 weeks24.9 weeks
Houle, Gregory A.1710.6 weeks26.0 weeks
Raeside, AshleyLess than 5N/AN/A
Schultz, Troy Darryl4610.1 weeks23.9 weeks
Northern Health519.1 weeks33.3 weeks
Mills Memorial Hospital5N/AN/A
Gustafson, Paul Michael5N/AN/A
The University Hospital Of Northern British Columbia469.2 weeks33.4 weeks
Abdulla, Alym1431.6 weeks35.3 weeks
Cassidy, Darby JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Hampole, Rahul K.1711.6 weeks33.5 weeks
Paterson, Guy Stephen135.5 weeks9.5 weeks
Vancouver Coastal Health4688.1 weeks35.1 weeks
Lions Gate Hospital957.4 weeks44.9 weeks
Chow, Victor D.W.1813.1 weeks41.1 weeks
Hoag, Christopher Campbell216.1 weeks52.6 weeks
Juvet, Tristan Serge Justin304.8 weeks21.7 weeks
Lee, Justin K2511.6 weeks48.7 weeks
Poon, Christina IreneLess than 5N/AN/A
Mount Saint Joseph Hospital518.1 weeks24.2 weeks
Bidnur, SamirLess than 5N/AN/A
Leone, Ercole F.2112.3 weeks20.1 weeks
Mayson, Brian EricLess than 5N/AN/A
Teichman, Joel M.H.510.6 weeks27.6 weeks
Tran, Henry Hon Yee218.3 weeks23.1 weeks
Richmond Hospital815.9 weeks24.9 weeks
Bidnur, SamirLess than 5N/AN/A
Hamidizadeh, Reza123.8 weeks8.2 weeks
Hennessey, Kiara66.3 weeks6.7 weeks
Poon, Kenneth S.336.7 weeks15.1 weeks
Rapoport, Daniel3011.0 weeks61.3 weeks
Sechelt HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Hoag, Christopher CampbellLess than 5N/AN/A
St. Paul's Hospital407.1 weeks21.7 weeks
Eng, Michael Kai-Hong117.6 weeks25.3 weeks
Leone, Ercole F.1611.6 weeks13.1 weeks
Mayson, Brian EricLess than 5N/AN/A
Teichman, Joel M.H.Less than 5N/AN/A
Tran, Henry Hon Yee86.1 weeks19.8 weeks
UBC Health Sciences Centre1298.3 weeks24.8 weeks
Bay, Benjamin NoelLess than 5N/AN/A
Black, Peter Colin VictorLess than 5N/AN/A
Chew, Ben HallLess than 5N/AN/A
Flannigan, Ryan KendrickLess than 5N/AN/A
Forbes, Connor165.4 weeks10.7 weeks
Gleave, Martin146.0 weeks24.0 weeks
Kavanagh, AlexanderLess than 5N/AN/A
Mannas, MilesLess than 5N/AN/A
Nigro, Mark K.126.8 weeks19.3 weeks
Paterson, Ryan F.7513.4 weeks36.5 weeks
Vancouver General Hospital6811.9 weeks39.2 weeks
Bay, Benjamin NoelLess than 5N/AN/A
Black, Peter Colin Victor3824.4 weeks43.9 weeks
Chew, Ben HallLess than 5N/AN/A
Forbes, ConnorLess than 5N/AN/A
Gleave, MartinLess than 5N/AN/A
Harriman, David IanLess than 5N/AN/A
Kavanagh, AlexanderLess than 5N/AN/A
Mannas, Miles1438.0 weeks47.8 weeks
Nguan, Christopher Yee ChaungLess than 5N/AN/A
Paterson, Ryan F.813.2 weeks48.2 weeks
Vancouver Island Health3934.4 weeks16.6 weeks
Comox Valley Hospital795.7 weeks10.7 weeks
Bascom, Alexandra Ellen145.7 weeks9.1 weeks
Clark, Aaron Thomas Demian266.1 weeks8.1 weeks
Tinmouth, William Watson236.1 weeks13.7 weeks
Zappavigna, Christopher John53.3 weeks6.6 weeks
Zorn, Jeffrey Dean116.3 weeks11.3 weeks
Cowichan District Hospital254.3 weeks11.3 weeks
Lundeen, Colin James87.7 weeks17.6 weeks
Phillips, Drew173.8 weeks6.1 weeks
Greater Victoria Hospitals2044.1 weeks32.2 weeks
Bacsu, ChastaLess than 5N/AN/A
Hoag, Nathan Andrew Alexis276.1 weeks18.6 weeks
Kinahan, John F.J.304.4 weeks31.8 weeks
Lee, LindaLess than 5N/AN/A
Mcauley, Iain W.379.7 weeks30.7 weeks
Mccracken, Jeffrey Michael533.0 weeks28.6 weeks
Metcalfe, Michael Joseph428.9 weeks83.8 weeks
Zappavigna, Christopher John84.1 weeks4.9 weeks
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital724.3 weeks7.2 weeks
Carlson, William Harold93.6 weeks6.0 weeks
Morrison, Kevin Burns504.6 weeks9.1 weeks
Palmer, Geoffrey M.134.7 weeks6.6 weeks
Zappavigna, Christopher JohnLess than 5N/AN/A
West Coast General Hospital138.4 weeks16.3 weeks
Mohamedali, Zeid138.4 weeks16.3 weeks

The data presented on the Surgery Wait Times website is a snapshot of a 3-month time period. The Wait for Surgery represents a component of the total waiting time for surgery, from the date the health authority receives the booking form to the date that the patient receives surgery.

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