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Surgery Wait Times for "Adult - Other Eye Surgery"

Definition: Other Eye Surgery - Includes surgery of the eye lids, tear ducts, cornea, and other parts of the eye, and the removal of growths.

Health Authorities
Other Eye Surgery1,6475.3 weeks25.8 weeks
Fraser Health2644.5 weeks45.8 weeks
Abbotsford Regional Hospital And Cancer Centre75.1 weeks6.6 weeks
Musto, David John75.1 weeks6.6 weeks
Burnaby Hospital597.0 weeks38.6 weeks
Aroichane, Maryam178.6 weeks31.0 weeks
Boyd, Michael JosephLess than 5N/AN/A
Dhaliwal, Harjinder S.1938.0 weeks42.2 weeks
Hammoudi, Dena SaebLess than 5N/AN/A
Ho Yuen, VernonLess than 5N/AN/A
Hwang, Norman HauLess than 5N/AN/A
Kherani, Femida129.0 weeks24.6 weeks
Mackenzie, Paul James92.3 weeks7.0 weeks
White, Colin PatrickLess than 5N/AN/A
Chilliwack General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
De Bruin, WouterLess than 5N/AN/A
Delta Hospital8114.6 weeks24.2 weeks
Fine, David Edgar51.4 weeks1.4 weeks
Giligson, AriLess than 5N/AN/A
Gjerde, Harald Olaf211.9 weeks4.5 weeks
Kennedy, Ross A.3814.9 weeks22.9 weeks
Ko, Ashley Seung Yun1738.4 weeks43.9 weeks
Eagle Ridge HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Macdonald, Patricia JeanLess than 5N/AN/A
Pattison Outpatient Centre93.1 weeks6.7 weeks
Kherani, Femida93.1 weeks6.7 weeks
Peace Arch HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Strecker, Harvey D.Less than 5N/AN/A
Tam, Mae Y.M.Less than 5N/AN/A
Ridge Meadows HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Bentham, Ricarda JanelLess than 5N/AN/A
Butler, Myra VLess than 5N/AN/A
Denton, Paul DouglasLess than 5N/AN/A
Pollock, Christopher SandorLess than 5N/AN/A
Surrey Memorial Hospital982.9 weeks55.3 weeks
Anderson, Donald WillisLess than 5N/AN/A
Bujak, Matthew Camil5844.9 weeks55.9 weeks
Gupta, Priya122.0 weeks3.7 weeks
Lam, Simon RockLess than 5N/AN/A
Oxley, Paul J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Tsuyuki, Kurt T.Less than 5N/AN/A
Wendel, Colten Lee2454.9 weeks58.4 weeks
Wittenberg, Leah ArinLess than 5N/AN/A
Zack, Barend NathanLess than 5N/AN/A
Interior Health1746.0 weeks21.9 weeks
Golden And District General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Laliberte, Michael ChristianLess than 5N/AN/A
Kelowna General Hospital1446.0 weeks22.0 weeks
Baldassare, Ronald D.116.0 weeks22.2 weeks
Docherty, Gavin Christopher Scott756.0 weeks21.2 weeks
Haythornthwaite, Jordan WilliamLess than 5N/AN/A
Joe, Aaron Wai-BunLess than 5N/AN/A
Miller, Brian JohnLess than 5N/AN/A
Ramsey, Kevin MichaelLess than 5N/AN/A
Sikora, Sheena KimberleeLess than 5N/AN/A
Theriault, Joseph F.A.Less than 5N/AN/A
Valnicek, Stanley M.Less than 5N/AN/A
Waite, Christopher Thomas4418.2 weeks35.6 weeks
Williamson, David G.Less than 5N/AN/A
Williamson, Jon ScottLess than 5N/AN/A
Kootenay Lake Hospital178.6 weeks13.1 weeks
Pesenti, Faye178.6 weeks13.8 weeks
Scheepers, Marius AntonLess than 5N/AN/A
Pleasant Valley Health CentreLess than 5N/AN/A
Ingram, Wessel J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Royal Inland HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Meredith, Steven RossLess than 5N/AN/A
Ross, MichaelLess than 5N/AN/A
Summerland Memorial Health Centre104.1 weeks18.7 weeks
Browne, Mitchell JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Moshaver, Ali612.4 weeks21.7 weeks
Peters, Carl W.Less than 5N/AN/A
Semeniuk, Robert M.Less than 5N/AN/A
Northern Health165.7 weeks40.4 weeks
Fort St John General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Iovieno, AlfonsoLess than 5N/AN/A
G.R. Baker Memorial HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Halka, AnastassiLess than 5N/AN/A
Malpass, Kristian GregoryLess than 5N/AN/A
Mills Memorial HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Adante, Beatrice Kun-HoiLess than 5N/AN/A
Brucks, Matthew AaronLess than 5N/AN/A
Nagy, ThomasLess than 5N/AN/A
Van Der Merwe, Harold JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
The University Hospital Of Northern British Columbia1311.4 weeks37.9 weeks
Filatov, Sergei AlexandrovichLess than 5N/AN/A
Jiang, KailunLess than 5N/AN/A
Kurz, Christine JeanetteLess than 5N/AN/A
Lukaris, Andrew1110.1 weeks44.0 weeks
Provincial Health Services Authority818.4 weeks22.0 weeks
B.C. Children's Hospital818.4 weeks22.0 weeks
Dolman, Peter J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Gjerde, Harald OlafLess than 5N/AN/A
Lyons, Christopher JohnLess than 5N/AN/A
Mulholland, Conor PaulLess than 5N/AN/A
Vancouver Coastal Health8756.0 weeks23.9 weeks
Lions Gate HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Abedi, NasimLess than 5N/AN/A
Fine, David EdgarLess than 5N/AN/A
Godinho, Derek V.Less than 5N/AN/A
Mohaseb, KamyarLess than 5N/AN/A
Mount Saint Joseph Hospital51110.1 weeks27.2 weeks
Albiani, David AndrewLess than 5N/AN/A
Butler, Andrea LeighLess than 5N/AN/A
Chew, JesseLess than 5N/AN/A
Chuo, Jean Yin68.0 weeks10.9 weeks
Demco, Thomas AlanLess than 5N/AN/A
Dobrogowski, Michael J.J.111.9 weeks4.0 weeks
Faber, PierreLess than 5N/AN/A
Holland, Simon P.559.2 weeks35.3 weeks
Iovieno, Alfonso9714.6 weeks33.9 weeks
Kirker, Andrew WilliamLess than 5N/AN/A
Mammo, Zaid NabilLess than 5N/AN/A
Merkur, Andrew BrianLess than 5N/AN/A
Moloney, Gregory Thomas6210.1 weeks21.3 weeks
O'Donnell, Heather LaurelLess than 5N/AN/A
Thomas, Roger HughLess than 5N/AN/A
Vaezi, Kaivon PakzadLess than 5N/AN/A
Van Laeken, Nancy Y.Less than 5N/AN/A
Wise, Stephanie Jane BowieLess than 5N/AN/A
Wong, Vincent Anthony22615.7 weeks22.6 weeks
Yeung, Sonia Niki3915.0 weeks35.7 weeks
Powell River General Hospital5N/AN/A
Botha, Louis Martin5N/AN/A
Richmond HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Reid, Owen GordonLess than 5N/AN/A
Sechelt HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Kraukamp, PhilipLess than 5N/AN/A
UBC Health Sciences Centre1999.1 weeks29.0 weeks
Dolman, Peter J.2810.0 weeks18.1 weeks
Kennedy, Ross A.3421.9 weeks28.8 weeks
Ko, Ashley Seung Yun78.9 weeks35.2 weeks
Lennox, Peter AnthonyLess than 5N/AN/A
Lyons, Christopher John273.1 weeks24.5 weeks
Mulholland, Conor Paul476.9 weeks28.9 weeks
Rossman, David Warren1310.1 weeks19.3 weeks
Teja, Salina840.0 weeks52.0 weeks
Yin, Vivian Tsui-Wen347.0 weeks14.7 weeks
Vancouver General Hospital1553.5 weeks15.6 weeks
Dolman, Peter J.5113.1 weeks16.6 weeks
Gill, Kulbir111.2 weeks3.6 weeks
Holland, Simon P.Less than 5N/AN/A
Kennedy, Ross A.Less than 5N/AN/A
Law, Francis Chi-HungLess than 5N/AN/A
Liu, Ruozhou TomLess than 5N/AN/A
Ma, Patrick E.Less than 5N/AN/A
Nathoo, NawaazLess than 5N/AN/A
Paton, Katherine E.Less than 5N/AN/A
Rossman, David Warren494.4 weeks18.3 weeks
Schendel, Steven83.1 weeks5.8 weeks
Smith, Stuart WilliamLess than 5N/AN/A
Yin, Vivian Tsui-Wen245.1 weeks15.2 weeks
Vancouver Island Health3104.0 weeks18.8 weeks
Campbell River And District General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Gregory, Tournesol 'Sol' NicholasLess than 5N/AN/A
Olesen, Peter RichardLess than 5N/AN/A
Comox Valley Hospital162.6 weeks13.0 weeks
Bentham, Ricarda JanelLess than 5N/AN/A
Clapson, Kathryn Martha9N/AN/A
Darvish-Zargar, MahshadLess than 5N/AN/A
Hoar, Glen GrahamLess than 5N/AN/A
Kulkarni, SadhanaLess than 5N/AN/A
Cowichan District HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Hoar, Karen LynnLess than 5N/AN/A
Ramstead, Cory LornLess than 5N/AN/A
Greater Victoria Hospitals2263.6 weeks15.7 weeks
Baker, Stephen M.172.3 weeks7.4 weeks
Dam, Olivia MayinLess than 5N/AN/A
Djurickovic, SlobodanLess than 5N/AN/A
Eneh, Amaka AnnLess than 5N/AN/A
Erasmus, Murray J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Evans, Morgan WarwickLess than 5N/AN/A
Gray, Jason H.Less than 5N/AN/A
Moss, Edward93.0 weeks8.9 weeks
Pegado, Victor De Sousa12714.5 weeks51.4 weeks
Ratzlaff, Timothy David61.1 weeks2.0 weeks
Ritenour, Rusty4310.9 weeks18.6 weeks
Warder, Daniel58.2 weeks12.3 weeks
Yang, Patrick Tong Pei-Lung71.9 weeks3.8 weeks
Zhao, Si XiLess than 5N/AN/A
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital6617.4 weeks172.9 weeks
Goad, AndrewLess than 5N/AN/A
Johnston, William H.4572.1 weeks188.8 weeks
Liu, Edward Han-GuangLess than 5N/AN/A
Roberts, SteveLess than 5N/AN/A
Robinson, Richard GuyLess than 5N/AN/A
Yearsley, George Colin1321.0 weeks116.3 weeks

The data presented on the Surgery Wait Times website is a snapshot of a 3-month time period. The Wait for Surgery represents a component of the total waiting time for surgery, from the date the health authority receives the booking form to the date that the patient receives surgery.

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Health Authorities in B.C.