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Surgery Wait Times for "Adult - Hand/Wrist Surgery"

Definition: Hand/Wrist Surgery - Repair or internal (scope) examination of the hand, fingers, or wrist, including treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Health Authorities
Hand/Wrist Surgery7446.1 weeks23.7 weeks
Fraser Health1448.0 weeks24.0 weeks
Abbotsford Regional Hospital And Cancer Centre814.4 weeks16.7 weeks
Brown, Aaron DouglasLess than 5N/AN/A
Musto, David John515.9 weeks17.0 weeks
Wickham, David MichaelLess than 5N/AN/A
Burnaby Hospital4413.4 weeks29.8 weeks
Frank, Tymothy FrederickLess than 5N/AN/A
Liu, Tianyi1712.7 weeks23.8 weeks
White, Colin Patrick2614.3 weeks37.9 weeks
Chilliwack General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Grover, DeepakLess than 5N/AN/A
Schwarz, Richard JohnLess than 5N/AN/A
Delta HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Brown, Warwick LorneLess than 5N/AN/A
Lewington, Matthew RobertLess than 5N/AN/A
Lu, Thomas Shen-ChuanLess than 5N/AN/A
Yao, Yitun O.Less than 5N/AN/A
Eagle Ridge Hospital453.7 weeks13.0 weeks
Mcinnes, Colin William613.5 weeks22.4 weeks
Moola, Farhad OliverLess than 5N/AN/A
Perey, Bertrand H.353.7 weeks12.4 weeks
Tung, Andrew Shui-WahLess than 5N/AN/A
Langley Memorial HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Abdulla, Irfan NizarLess than 5N/AN/A
Omeis, Tyler FredricLess than 5N/AN/A
Pattison Outpatient Centre2212.1 weeks45.9 weeks
Jackson, Colin Morgan1821.7 weeks54.6 weeks
Lee, Adrian T.Less than 5N/AN/A
Meng, FanyiLess than 5N/AN/A
Mian, Rizwan AhmadLess than 5N/AN/A
Prince, Jennifer MichelleLess than 5N/AN/A
White, Colin PatrickLess than 5N/AN/A
Peace Arch HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
D'Sa, Heathcliff PiersonLess than 5N/AN/A
Ridge Meadows Hospital153.6 weeks10.3 weeks
Kim, Won OhLess than 5N/AN/A
Patel, Surendra Khodabhai143.8 weeks10.6 weeks
Pater, Piotr CzeslawLess than 5N/AN/A
Royal Columbian HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Moola, Farhad OliverLess than 5N/AN/A
Ratanshi, ImranLess than 5N/AN/A
Tung, Andrew Shui-WahLess than 5N/AN/A
Surrey Memorial HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Jackson, Colin MorganLess than 5N/AN/A
Interior Health29710.9 weeks44.3 weeks
East Kootenay Regional Hospital2713.8 weeks21.2 weeks
Chan, Alex Dart Ming1917.6 weeks21.5 weeks
Chaney, Jonathan WilliamLess than 5N/AN/A
Hansen, Greg WilliamLess than 5N/AN/A
Kempston, Michael PhilipLess than 5N/AN/A
Elk Valley HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Allan, Kimberley ElizabethLess than 5N/AN/A
Hansen, Greg WilliamLess than 5N/AN/A
Golden And District General Hospital116.1 weeks11.8 weeks
Descoteaux, Jean-Gaston117.6 weeks12.0 weeks
Laliberte, Michael ChristianLess than 5N/AN/A
Kelowna General Hospital6340.9 weeks78.5 weeks
Haythornthwaite, Jordan William1214.3 weeks17.0 weeks
Miller, Brian JohnLess than 5N/AN/A
Sikora, Sheena Kimberlee2745.4 weeks78.5 weeks
Tso, Michael Kai-ManLess than 5N/AN/A
Williamson, David G.1750.1 weeks79.0 weeks
Williamson, Jon Scott7N/AN/A
Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital5612.4 weeks21.5 weeks
Bitting, Seth SimonLess than 5N/AN/A
Laverty, Lee-Anne1317.0 weeks17.2 weeks
Lutfy, Justyn Albert4013.3 weeks27.8 weeks
Mcvicar, Stephen F.Less than 5N/AN/A
Kootenay Lake HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Mcvicar, Stephen F.Less than 5N/AN/A
Penticton Regional Hospital299.0 weeks16.4 weeks
Naude, Roelof J.T.2311.3 weeks16.4 weeks
Pinsonneault, Troy G.Less than 5N/AN/A
Steyn, ChrisLess than 5N/AN/A
Queen Victoria HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Batchelor, Bret EverettLess than 5N/AN/A
Beaton, William N.Less than 5N/AN/A
Royal Inland Hospital5732.3 weeks50.0 weeks
Baweja, ReenaLess than 5N/AN/A
Hurdle, Valerie Alexandra5N/AN/A
Jacoby, Michael E.Less than 5N/AN/A
Meredith, Steven RossLess than 5N/AN/A
Zeznik, Laura A.4742.5 weeks51.1 weeks
Shuswap Lake General Hospital378.0 weeks23.0 weeks
Beaton, William N.148.0 weeks12.2 weeks
Hiscock, Stephen M.Less than 5N/AN/A
Jarvie, Geoffrey Charles1821.1 weeks44.1 weeks
Journeau, JaniceLess than 5N/AN/A
Schneider, JohannesLess than 5N/AN/A
Splawinski, Jan B.Less than 5N/AN/A
Vernon Jubilee Hospital77.1 weeks19.3 weeks
Jarvie, Geoffrey Charles77.1 weeks19.3 weeks
Northern Health274.7 weeks14.5 weeks
Bulkley Valley District HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Dunfield, James IanLess than 5N/AN/A
Van Der Merwe, Harold JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Dawson Creek And District HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Van Deventer, Stephanus JohannesLess than 5N/AN/A
G.R. Baker Memorial HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Kholdebarin, RaminLess than 5N/AN/A
Kurz, Christine JeanetteLess than 5N/AN/A
Malpass, Kristian GregoryLess than 5N/AN/A
Kitimat General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Lombard, Willem Stephanus JohannesLess than 5N/AN/A
Mills Memorial HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Van Der Merwe, Harold JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Prince Rupert Regional HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Smith, Samuel AlfredLess than 5N/AN/A
Van Der Merwe, Harold JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
St. John Hospital94.9 weeks8.3 weeks
Klopper, Lukas Cornelius85.2 weeks8.8 weeks
Van Zyl, Johannes PaulusLess than 5N/AN/A
The University Hospital Of Northern British Columbia107.9 weeks21.3 weeks
Ashman, Bradley DanielLess than 5N/AN/A
Costa, Anthony JosephLess than 5N/AN/A
Dreyer, Hendrik AndreLess than 5N/AN/A
Kurz, Christine JeanetteLess than 5N/AN/A
Purnell, Roger Anthony68.4 weeks21.8 weeks
Vancouver Coastal Health1248.9 weeks36.3 weeks
Lions Gate Hospital3414.0 weeks43.6 weeks
Chew, RoderickLess than 5N/AN/A
Gul, Shahid MohammedLess than 5N/AN/A
Saunders, James Thomas William3134.0 weeks46.8 weeks
Mount Saint Joseph HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Bovill, Esta SamanthaLess than 5N/AN/A
Powell River General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Makarewicz, Pawel A.Less than 5N/AN/A
Richmond Hospital66.3 weeks61.5 weeks
Brown, Warwick LorneLess than 5N/AN/A
Leung, Leslie Tze FungLess than 5N/AN/A
Loizides, PhotisLess than 5N/AN/A
Lu, Thomas Shen-ChuanLess than 5N/AN/A
Sechelt Hospital64.8 weeks8.0 weeks
Menezes, Antonio Alvaro Carlos64.8 weeks8.0 weeks
Squamish General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Klok, Jennifer AliciaLess than 5N/AN/A
Saunders, James Thomas WilliamLess than 5N/AN/A
St. Paul's Hospital6014.9 weeks25.6 weeks
Bovill, Esta SamanthaLess than 5N/AN/A
Demianczuk, Arkadiy N.A.6N/AN/A
Goetz, Thomas Joseph3714.1 weeks21.2 weeks
Huang, Adrian Leonard1018.0 weeks23.3 weeks
Pike, Jeffrey MarkLess than 5N/AN/A
Wells, Neil J.515.9 weeks29.5 weeks
UBC Health Sciences Centre87.2 weeks24.1 weeks
Brown, Erin E.69.4 weeks26.3 weeks
Tang, David Tsai TsungLess than 5N/AN/A
Tregaskiss, Ashley PaulLess than 5N/AN/A
Vancouver General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Brown, Erin E.Less than 5N/AN/A
Doherty, ChristopherLess than 5N/AN/A
Wells, Neil J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Zwimpfer, Thomas J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Vancouver Island Health1524.6 weeks11.9 weeks
Campbell River And District General Hospital75.0 weeks6.8 weeks
Gregory, Tournesol 'Sol' NicholasLess than 5N/AN/A
Mcleod, Graham JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Olesen, Peter RichardLess than 5N/AN/A
Cowichan District Hospital276.6 weeks14.4 weeks
Anzarut, Alexander9N/AN/A
Popovic, Dina186.9 weeks14.9 weeks
Greater Victoria Hospitals1054.1 weeks8.4 weeks
Cheng, Ho Man82.9 weeks6.7 weeks
Djurickovic, Slobodan144.9 weeks6.5 weeks
Evans, Morgan Warwick163.0 weeks5.0 weeks
Krauss, EmilyLess than 5N/AN/A
Morley, Rebecca Elizabeth394.9 weeks13.2 weeks
Robinson, Jennifer WinterLess than 5N/AN/A
Taylor, Christopher D.162.3 weeks4.5 weeks
Torstensen, Eric T.Less than 5N/AN/A
Zabojova, Jorga Eva77.1 weeks10.6 weeks
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital105.6 weeks22.1 weeks
Anzarut, AlexanderLess than 5N/AN/A
Barnsley, Gillard PhilipLess than 5N/AN/A
Cheng, Jenny Se-ChungLess than 5N/AN/A
Christensen, Lawrence Blair710.1 weeks13.7 weeks
Liu, Edward Han-GuangLess than 5N/AN/A
Robinson, Richard GuyLess than 5N/AN/A
Stone, Jill PatriciaLess than 5N/AN/A
West Coast General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Klompje, JanLess than 5N/AN/A

The data presented on the Surgery Wait Times website is a snapshot of a 3-month time period. The Wait for Surgery represents a component of the total waiting time for surgery, from the date the health authority receives the booking form to the date that the patient receives surgery.

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