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Surgery Wait Times for "Adult - Mastectomy"

Definition: Mastectomy - Complete removal of the breast.

Health Authorities
Mastectomy4952.7 weeks7.1 weeks
Fraser Health932.4 weeks7.0 weeks
Abbotsford Regional Hospital And Cancer Centre72.6 weeks4.5 weeks
Dyck, Coreen62.4 weeks4.9 weeks
Leung, Terry Tin WingLess than 5N/AN/A
Burnaby HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Cuddington, Gary DouglasLess than 5N/AN/A
Hsu, Katherine EvaLess than 5N/AN/A
Mckee, Daniel EdanLess than 5N/AN/A
White, Colin PatrickLess than 5N/AN/A
Chilliwack General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Chatenay, MichaelLess than 5N/AN/A
Fereidouni, MinaLess than 5N/AN/A
Leung, Sher-PingLess than 5N/AN/A
Mcdonald, Susan EllenLess than 5N/AN/A
Delta Hospital132.9 weeks5.9 weeks
Cuddington, Gary DouglasLess than 5N/AN/A
Janzen, Rhonda M.103.4 weeks5.9 weeks
Polyakov, Gregory M.Less than 5N/AN/A
Rana, GurteshwarLess than 5N/AN/A
Robibo, Daniel A.Less than 5N/AN/A
Eagle Ridge Hospital52.7 weeks13.8 weeks
Chiu, Connie Ging TingLess than 5N/AN/A
Goecke, Michelle ElisaLess than 5N/AN/A
Nguyen, Dao Quynh TheLess than 5N/AN/A
Pattison Outpatient Centre462.7 weeks7.2 weeks
Cader, Sonia RosanneLess than 5N/AN/A
Chuah, Teong Kuan (Kuan)Less than 5N/AN/A
Cuddington, Gary DouglasLess than 5N/AN/A
Hsu, Katherine EvaLess than 5N/AN/A
Janzen, Rhonda M.273.3 weeks8.1 weeks
Oxley, Paul J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Zih, Si Wai Francis81.6 weeks5.1 weeks
Peace Arch HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Chang, Edward NienLess than 5N/AN/A
Francoeur, Jason RobertLess than 5N/AN/A
Fry, Nicholas JohnLess than 5N/AN/A
Lauzon, Jean G.Less than 5N/AN/A
Ridge Meadows HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Bohacek, LindaLess than 5N/AN/A
Heed, Marni R.Less than 5N/AN/A
Royal Columbian Hospital82.0 weeks7.4 weeks
Chiu, Connie Ging Ting55.0 weeks14.8 weeks
Goecke, Michelle ElisaLess than 5N/AN/A
Sidhu, Sue PreetLess than 5N/AN/A
Surrey Memorial Hospital51.6 weeks6.1 weeks
Cader, Sonia RosanneLess than 5N/AN/A
Chuah, Teong Kuan (Kuan)Less than 5N/AN/A
Janzen, Rhonda M.Less than 5N/AN/A
Zih, Si Wai FrancisLess than 5N/AN/A
Interior Health1023.1 weeks6.8 weeks
Cariboo Memorial HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Brosseuk, Daniel T.Less than 5N/AN/A
Oosthuizen, Jean Francois MichelLess than 5N/AN/A
Shaw, Ashley HazelLess than 5N/AN/A
East Kootenay Regional Hospital94.5 weeks13.9 weeks
Chong, Peter57.8 weeks14.2 weeks
Kalechstein, Sara MargaretLess than 5N/AN/A
Schroeder, Travis PeterLess than 5N/AN/A
Thomas, HeatherLess than 5N/AN/A
Kelowna General Hospital342.7 weeks6.2 weeks
Baliski, Christopher Ronald184.1 weeks5.9 weeks
Kluftinger, Andreas M.Less than 5N/AN/A
Ollek, Sita Oza72.0 weeks2.9 weeks
Sikora, Sheena KimberleeLess than 5N/AN/A
Williamson, David G.Less than 5N/AN/A
Williamson, Jon ScottLess than 5N/AN/A
Wilson, Heather Christine63.1 weeks6.3 weeks
Kootenay Boundary Regional HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Babcock, Courtney AlanLess than 5N/AN/A
Cameron, Ronald JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Lawe, Andrew DavidLess than 5N/AN/A
Merg, Anders RichardLess than 5N/AN/A
Schumacher, Paul AndrewLess than 5N/AN/A
Penticton Regional Hospital113.0 weeks3.9 weeks
Allen, Philippe DavidLess than 5N/AN/A
Marschall, Jeffery Gerhard73.4 weeks4.6 weeks
Oosthuizen, Jean Louis FrancoisLess than 5N/AN/A
Porte, Alexis N'GaiLess than 5N/AN/A
Royal Inland Hospital273.4 weeks6.4 weeks
Barton, Anise Catherine114.0 weeks8.4 weeks
Baughan, James G.Less than 5N/AN/A
Gorman, Michael Sean51.5 weeks1.7 weeks
Hiebert, Jake DanielLess than 5N/AN/A
Hurdle, Valerie AlexandraLess than 5N/AN/A
Just, Jon D.Less than 5N/AN/A
Kanji, ZaheerLess than 5N/AN/A
Lee, ChristinaLess than 5N/AN/A
Meredith, Steven RossLess than 5N/AN/A
Morgan-Jonker, Cecily CatharineLess than 5N/AN/A
Zerhouni Abdouh, SihamLess than 5N/AN/A
Shuswap Lake General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Journeau, JaniceLess than 5N/AN/A
Mulcahy, Janice RoseLess than 5N/AN/A
Schneider, JohannesLess than 5N/AN/A
Vernon Jubilee Hospital112.3 weeks4.7 weeks
Ainslie, Scott A.Less than 5N/AN/A
Browne, Ikennah LyndellLess than 5N/AN/A
Horkoff, Michael JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Hwang, Hamish Sui-JinLess than 5N/AN/A
Langer, KarlLess than 5N/AN/A
Wiseman, Kevin WesleyLess than 5N/AN/A
Northern Health234.1 weeks8.7 weeks
Bulkley Valley District HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Dunfield, James IanLess than 5N/AN/A
Halka, AnastassiLess than 5N/AN/A
Janse Van Rensburg, Dawid AndreasLess than 5N/AN/A
Lombard, Willem Stephanus JohannesLess than 5N/AN/A
Versolatto, Andrew GrantLess than 5N/AN/A
Dawson Creek And District HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Smits, CornelisLess than 5N/AN/A
Fort St John General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Jeffrey, Cam AndreaLess than 5N/AN/A
G.R. Baker Memorial HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Matthew, Benjamin Antoine PoelzerLess than 5N/AN/A
Robbins, NicoleLess than 5N/AN/A
Mills Memorial HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Dear, Aniedi MartinLess than 5N/AN/A
Lombard, Willem Stephanus JohannesLess than 5N/AN/A
Versolatto, Andrew GrantLess than 5N/AN/A
Youssef, David Samir FahmyLess than 5N/AN/A
The University Hospital Of Northern British Columbia155.2 weeks10.0 weeks
Appleby, James P.Less than 5N/AN/A
Caron, Nadine RenaLess than 5N/AN/A
Dubois, Brian J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Jost, Evan AnthonyLess than 5N/AN/A
Martin, Erin Lea94.7 weeks7.1 weeks
Wankling, Gilbert J.Less than 5N/AN/A
Provincial Health Services Authority52.1 weeks2.5 weeks
B.C. Cancer Agency52.1 weeks2.5 weeks
Davis, Noelle LeeLess than 5N/AN/A
Hamilton, Trevor DouglasLess than 5N/AN/A
Mcfadden, Andrew William JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Vancouver Coastal Health1452.9 weeks6.5 weeks
Lions Gate Hospital133.0 weeks9.6 weeks
Aslani, NavaLess than 5N/AN/A
Chang, GeorgeLess than 5N/AN/A
Johner, Amanda MarieLess than 5N/AN/A
Lewis, Richard H.Less than 5N/AN/A
Saunders, James Thomas WilliamLess than 5N/AN/A
Smith, Jenni73.0 weeks8.7 weeks
Mount Saint Joseph Hospital1043.1 weeks7.6 weeks
Bazzarelli, Amy Kathleen123.0 weeks6.5 weeks
Bovill, Esta SamanthaLess than 5N/AN/A
Dingee, Carol Katherine384.9 weeks10.6 weeks
Mckevitt, Elaine Carolyn163.6 weeks4.6 weeks
Omeis, Tyler FredricLess than 5N/AN/A
Pao, Jin-Si52.1 weeks4.4 weeks
Warburton, Rebecca332.6 weeks5.4 weeks
Powell River General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Garber, Kathleen AllisonLess than 5N/AN/A
Makarewicz, Pawel A.Less than 5N/AN/A
Richmond Hospital132.9 weeks3.7 weeks
Houston, Gordon Thomas MaxwellLess than 5N/AN/A
Kopac, Daniel SlawomirLess than 5N/AN/A
Nguyen, Nam Hoang102.9 weeks3.7 weeks
Wilson, Jannah LynneLess than 5N/AN/A
Sechelt HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Menezes, Antonio Alvaro CarlosLess than 5N/AN/A
Squamish General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Johner, Amanda MarieLess than 5N/AN/A
UBC Health Sciences Centre102.1 weeks3.8 weeks
Bovill, Esta SamanthaLess than 5N/AN/A
Davis, Noelle LeeLess than 5N/AN/A
Macadam, Sheina AnneLess than 5N/AN/A
Mcfadden, Andrew William JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Stuart, Heather ChristineLess than 5N/AN/A
Vasilyeva, ElizavetaLess than 5N/AN/A
Vancouver General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Davis, Noelle LeeLess than 5N/AN/A
Mcfadden, Andrew William JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Stuart, Heather ChristineLess than 5N/AN/A
Vancouver Island Health1272.3 weeks7.1 weeks
Campbell River And District General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Chan, TiffanyLess than 5N/AN/A
Farquhar, Jaclyn RuthLess than 5N/AN/A
Jiang, Henry YiLess than 5N/AN/A
Mcleod, Graham JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Wood, Leanne JeanLess than 5N/AN/A
Comox Valley Hospital63.0 weeks5.7 weeks
Kimberley, Nicholas A.Less than 5N/AN/A
Lanuke, Kathryn MarieLess than 5N/AN/A
Moise, Roger ClementLess than 5N/AN/A
Percy, Dean BowlesLess than 5N/AN/A
Robertson-More, Connal TeagueLess than 5N/AN/A
Tomlinson, Corey LaneLess than 5N/AN/A
Cowichan District Hospital143.4 weeks6.3 weeks
Anzarut, AlexanderLess than 5N/AN/A
Barton, Rachel Karen53.1 weeks6.6 weeks
Duta, DanielLess than 5N/AN/A
Saettler, Erik Robert JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Vanderputten, Marilyn Rose63.6 weeks5.3 weeks
Greater Victoria Hospitals922.3 weeks11.2 weeks
Amson, Bradley JamesLess than 5N/AN/A
Biberdorf, Darren J.120.9 weeks2.3 weeks
Cheng, Ho Man133.9 weeks12.5 weeks
Cunningham, JohannLess than 5N/AN/A
Emmerton-Coughlin, Heather Margaret Anne122.3 weeks5.3 weeks
Hayashi, Allen H.Less than 5N/AN/A
Khorasani, MohammadaliLess than 5N/AN/A
Lam, Elaine Ming-Yu62.7 weeks10.3 weeks
Robinson, Jennifer Winter1515.0 weeks28.6 weeks
Ross, Alison C.51.4 weeks4.1 weeks
Tang, Bao Q.Less than 5N/AN/A
Taylor, Christopher D.176.7 weeks73.8 weeks
Truter, AndreLess than 5N/AN/A
Zabojova, Jorga EvaLess than 5N/AN/A
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital81.4 weeks2.7 weeks
Alscher, Kurt T.Less than 5N/AN/A
Cheah, Sin HueyLess than 5N/AN/A
Jacobsohn, Friedrich GustavLess than 5N/AN/A
Jenkin, Daniel PhillipLess than 5N/AN/A
Purzner, Roderick HenryLess than 5N/AN/A
Ramkumar, Jonathan MarkLess than 5N/AN/A
Rudston-Brown, Blair C.D.Less than 5N/AN/A
Schneidereit, Nathan PaulLess than 5N/AN/A
Wells, Bryan JohnLess than 5N/AN/A
West Coast General HospitalLess than 5N/AN/A
Hudson, Matthew EricLess than 5N/AN/A
Klompje, JanLess than 5N/AN/A
Wijayanayagam, Akushla IndunilaLess than 5N/AN/A

The data presented on the Surgery Wait Times website is a snapshot of a 3-month time period. The Wait for Surgery represents a component of the total waiting time for surgery, from the date the health authority receives the booking form to the date that the patient receives surgery.

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Health Authorities in B.C.