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Procedures A-Z

Surgical procedures are listed below in alphabetical order from A to Z. Scroll down the page to view all the surgeries and click on a procedure to view the wait time information.

Removal of skin and fat in the stomach area, also known as a 'tummy tuck.'
All Other Procedures
This term covers any procedure not included elsewhere by a specific term
Aortic Aneurysm Repair
Surgical repair of the widened part (or aneurysm) in the aorta (the large artery that carries blood to your belly, pelvis, and legs).
Surgical removal of the appendix

Bariatric Surgery
Removal or redirection of part of the digestive system to produce major weight loss.
Biopsy in OR
Removal of a small piece of tissue for laboratory testing; does not include biopsies of the breast
Bladder Surgery
Operations to restore control of urination or to remove a bladder tumour.
Bowel Resection
Removal of part of the large or small intestine due to disease or blockage; includes gastrointestinal bypass.
Breast Biopsy
Surgical removal of a small piece of breast tissue for laboratory testing.
Breast Reconstruction
Rebuilding of a breast, includes placement or removal of breast implants, removal of scar tissue associated with implants, other repair, and other alteration of the breast.
Breast Reduction
Removal of breast tissue to reduce the size of the breast.

Cataract Surgery
Replacement of the clouded natural lens of the eye with an artificial lens to improve vision.
Removal of the gall bladder.
Diversion of a healthy part of the intestine to a bag outside of the body.
Cone Biopsy
Removal of tissue from the cervix for laboratory examination.
Corneal Transplants
Replacement of part of the cornea with corneal tissue from a donor
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
Surgery to improve blood flow to the heart
Cranial Surgery
Removal of a small part of the skull, usually to prevent a build up of pressure caused by the brain's swelling or surgery directly on brain tissue.
Cyst/Ganglion Removal
Removal of fluid from a balloon like sack (cyst) or solid mass of tissue (ganglion).

D&C and Related Surgery
Removal of part or all of a layer of the lining of the uterus.
Dental Surgery
Includes removal and repair of teeth.

Surgical procedure to remove blockages of the vein or artery, including those in the heart.
Removal of part or all of the esophagus.
Examination Under Anaesthetic
This term covers any examination not covered elsewhere by a specific term
Excision Gynecomastia
Removal of breast tissue to reduce the size of the breast in men.
Excision Lesion/Tumour
Surgical removal of a lesion or tumour

Facial Bone Reconstruction
Surgery that alters the bones in the face to repair damage or defects.
Fallopian Tube/Ovarian Surgery
Includes removal of one or both ovaries, with or without also removing the attached fallopian tube, tying or removal of the fallopian tubes, and testing the fallopian tubes for blockages.
Fistula Repair - Non Vascular
Repair of an abnormal canal that has formed inside the body; does not include blood vessels.
Foot/Ankle Surgery
Includes repair of the ankle bone using a small camera and instruments inserted through a small incision; also includes bunion treatment.
Foreign Body Removal Surgery
Surgical removal of loose or foreign objects in the body
Fracture Repair
Surgery to repair a broken bone.
Free Flap Graft
Movement of a section of skin/tissue from one area of the body to another.

Insertion of a gastronomy or jejunostomy tube

Hand/Wrist Surgery
Repair or internal (scope) examination of the hand, fingers, or wrist, including treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.
Hernia Repair - Abdominal
Repair of a tear or weakness in the inner lining of the abdominal wall; includes all types of abdominal hernia repair.
Hernia Repair - Hiatal
Repair of a tear or weakness in the upper part of stomach/chest that has resulted in a hernia.
Hip Replacement
Replacement of the hip joint or repair of an existing artificial hip.

Kidney/Bladder Stone Removal
Removal of stones in the kidney or bladder by various methods.
Knee - ACL Repair
Repair of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee
Knee - Meniscectomy
Removal of part or all of the two rubbery disks in the knee joint called the medial meniscus and the lateral meniscus.
Knee Arthroscopy
Examination of the inside of the knee using a small camera on the end of a flexible tube.
Knee Replacement
Replacement of the knee joint with an artificial one.

Surgical examination or repair of the inside of the body by making a small incision in the stomach area and inserting a small camera and/or tools on the end of a flexible tube.
Surgical examination or repair of the inside of the body by making an incision through the stomach area.
Lens & Vitreous (non-cataract) Surgery
Surgery of the eye's vitreous or lens.
Ligament Surgery
Repair of a tendon, the fiber that connects muscle to bone.
Removal of fatty tissue under the skin.
Lung Surgery
Removal of part or all of a lung.

Male Reproductive Surgery
Includes removal of the foreskin of the penis, usually performed on infant males, and the cutting of the tubes through which sperm travel, as a method of birth control.
Complete removal of the breast.
Removal of infected portions of the mastoid bone behind the ear; may also include drainage or removal of the middle ear.
Other surgeries to the inner or outer ear; includes repair, reconstruction, and removal of cysts.

Nasal Surgery
Surgery to repair the nose or septum (partition between the nasal cavities) or both, including removal of polyps.
Nerve Surgery
Repair, severing, or moving a nerve to reduce pain; does not include carpal tunnel (see Hand/Wrist); does include nerve block procedures for pain control.

Open Heart Surgery
Surgery performed on the muscles, valves, or arteries of the heart.
Oral Cavity & Pharynx Surgery
Surgery performed on the oral cavity or pharymx (area behind the mouth and nasal cavity)
Other Ear Surgery
Other surgeries to the inner or outer ear; includes repair, reconstruction, and removal of cysts.
Other Eye Surgery
Includes surgery of the eye lids, tear ducts, cornea, and other parts of the eye, and the removal of growths.
Other Joint Reconstruction
Repair of any joint in the body, e.g. elbow.
Other Orthopaedic Surgery
Surgery involving the skeletal system that is not defined separately, including removal or repair of all or part of a limb, bone, muscle, fascia, artificial bones or joints, or removal of scar tissue from tendons.
Other Urology Surgery
Includes removal of all or part of a kidney, drainage of fluid near the testes, or examination or repair of the ureter.

Removal of the parotid gland, a salivary gland near the ear.
Prostate Surgery
Removal of part or all of the prostate gland, including small tissue samples for laboratory testing.

Rectal Surgery
Removal of fissures, fistula, and hemorrhoids from the anus, and repair of rectal prolapse.
Rib Resection
Removal of a rib bone.

Scope of Chest
Examination of the lungs or chest using a small camera on the end of a flexible tube.
Shoulder Surgery
Examination, replacement or repair of the shoulder joint.
Shunt Insertion/Removal
Creation of a hole, or insertion or removal of a tube, that allows fluid to drain to the outside of the body, or to a preferred location inside the body.
Sinus Surgery
Removal of blockages in the sinuses (the spaces filled with air in some of the bones of the skull).
Skin Surgery
Replacement of damaged skin with healthy skin; alteration of a scar to improve function or appearance; other removal of one or more layers of skin in a particular area.
Skin Tumour Removal
Removal of abnormal skin including tumors.
Cutting of the sphincter muscle in the anus, usually to treat a crack or tear in the anal canal.
Spinal/Back Surgery
Procedures to alleviate pain caused by injury to the spine including removal of portions of bone or disc and the injection of bone like material to restore the spine.

Tendon Surgery
Repair of a tendon, the fiber that connects muscle to bone.
Other surgeries that involve opening of the chest wall.
Removal of the thyroid and/or parathyroid gland.
Removal of the tonsils and/or adenoids in the throat, usually due to repeated infection.
Repair of the ear drum or small bones of the middle ear; may include insertion of cochlear implants to improve hearing.

Uterine Surgery
Surgery of the uterus including uterine suspension, removal of part of the uterine lining (D&C), complete removal of the uterus, removal of the cervix, fibroids, or polyps.

Vaginal Repair
Repair of the vagina, including removal or reconstruction of internal or external areas, and repair of vaginal hernia.
Varicose Veins Ligation/Stripping
Closing off or removal of veins that have become damaged, enlarged, and twisted (varicose veins).
Vascular Bypass Graft - Non Cardiac
Replacement of part of the vascular (blood flow) system, not including the heart.
Vascular Surgery - Other
Insertion, replacement, or repair of synthetic grafts that connect blood flowing through the body to an external device to clean the blood (dialysis); repair of any artery not in the heart, or removal of materials that can block the flow of blood

Wound/Laceration Care
Procedures to treat infection or scarring in or around a cut in the skin; does not include eye surgery.

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